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6 Reasons – printed benefit statements are a great tool for your employees!

Partnering with BusinessPlans, Inc. (BPI) – myBenefitStatements provides you with a customized employee benefits statement or total reward program that helps you communicate the value of your company’s benefits attractively and affordably. While much has been made about the efficiencies of the internet, few things capture the attention of employees as does a letter or […]

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State of the Art Printing Technology for Your Employee Benefit Statements Projects

Communicating the value of employees’ benefits is mission one – creating a high-quality, great looking communications is embedded in that mission. If your organization has recognized the importance of communicating the value of the benefits you provide employees, don’t let the message fade into the stack of other “important” information they get every day. To […]

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Keep Your Best Talent with a Well-Communicated Benefits Program

You know the advantages of offering benefits to your employees, but are you maximizing their value? Benefit Statements Can Help! On average, an employer spends about 41 cents on benefits for every dollar they spend on payroll. Research shows that employees only understand and appreciate between 31 and 68 percent of the costs associated with […]

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