MyBenefitStatements specializes in custom-designed employee total compensation statements. However, we also provides a variety of other products to fit your needs. Check out our other offerings such as Open Enrollment forms or Benefit Handbooks.

Employee Total Compensation Statements & Benefit Statements

letter size employee total compensation statement
legal size employee total compensation statement
booklet format employee total compensation statement

Employee total compensation statements and benefit statements are our specialty! We help you show your employees the full value of their pay and benefits package. Total Compensation Statements enhance your employees’ awareness of company benefits.

After all, total compensation includes far more than just their paycheck. Make sure they grasp the full scope of their employee benefits!

All statements feature a letter from leadership and a compensation table outlining company benefits. Additional features may include benefit comparison, retirement information, or company highlights.

You can receive your statements in one of three formats: letter (8.5 x 11), legal (8.5 x 14) or booklet (11×17 folded to 8.5 x 11). Each format is customized to include a variety of charts and graphs that communicate your unique message to employees.

Benefit Handbooks

employee benefit handbook

Whether it’s for recruiting, or simply to inform changes in plans, an employee benefit guide is a useful tool.

Give employees an in-depth view of their benefit plans and options. Include plan details for healthcare, life insurance, and retirement. Highlight company contributions and perks.

When hiring, employee benefit guides are perfect for showing new employees just how much the company does for them. They can help build your company culture and improve employee morale. That helps you retain good employees for a longer period of time!

Employee benefit guides are a great way to educate employees! Your employees will appreciate the value of knowing their options.

Employee benefit handbooks are the perfect tool for recruiting and HR departments to help make the open enrollment and hiring process go smoothly.

Open Enrollment Forms

benefit open enrollment form

With each new hire or new plan year, employees can opt-in or change elections on their benefit plans. While this can be a daunting task, having the right tools can help make the process easier!

With myBenefitStatements, you can create custom open enrollment forms to fit your unique needs.

First, we help you determine the right format and needed information. Then, we create a form that meets your requirements. We will even include your logo and brand colors.

We can even create individualized forms for each employee, so they only see what they need to! With data from your employee database you can show cost, coverage, and even potential savings.

Once open enrollment has ended, you can also send custom forms to employees with their elections for the coming year.