examples of employee benefit statements

Updating your Employee Benefit Statements

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to re-evaluate your current benefit statements or consider producing them for you employees! Over time, just as your benefit plans may change, your employee benefit statements should also update. Perhaps your company has changed providers, increased or decreased levels of coverage, or even […]

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Employee Benefit Statement Samples: November 2021

Letter C – Medical Center Pack a lot of punch into your statements with this layout! Our Medical Center sample allows for a stacked bar chart comparing earnings to benefits and a full table of benefits showing both employee and employer contributions. An additional pie chart shows the comparison of earnings, PTO, and benefits. Another […]

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How to produce a benefit statement in 5 easy steps

Help your employees appreciate the value of their benefits. An employee’s compensation goes above and beyond the value of their regular paycheck. Total compensation statements are a summary of an employee’s pay and benefit elections. It’s intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the cost of benefits paid for by the company. But how do […]

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