Work Smarter – Get More Done!

Work Smarter – Get More Done!

6 tips for working smarter and more efficiently

Aren’t we all looking for ways to add a few more minutes to our days to get everything done? Jobs, homes, family, etc., there just doesn’t seem to be enough time during the day to accomplish everything we need to do! Here are suggestions to help you get organized and find those precious minutes. Maybe you can even find a little extra free time!

  1. Make a list and complete the most important tasks FIRST. This is the golden rule to time management and staying organized. Each day, identify 2 or 3 things that are top priority. Once those tasks are completed, the day has already been a success. Then move on to the other things and experience “bonus productivity”!
  2. There is no such thing as multi-tasking. Sure you can try, but those tasks and projects aren’t going to be done as well as they could be when you’re not distracted. And you may need to go back and re-do them. Concentrate on one thing at a time. You’ll find you are more thorough, make fewer mistakes, and feel much better about your work.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. We all suffer from procrastination from time to time but in the end it will only add extra stress and frustration to your day. Take it from a recovering chronic procrastinator, it is so much nicer to get an early start on a project and be able to feel relaxed as the due date approaches.
  4. Create a time limit for how long you will work on each task. Instead of trying to complete an entire project in one sitting, try setting an estimated amount of time to focus on it, then move onto another project. This will help you take a step-back and give you a chance to review progress. It will also help you focus and be more efficient with your time.
  5. When possible, utilize the professionals. Are you facing a project that’s outside your area of expertise? The end product will be much better, and you’ll save time and headaches, when you outsource to skilled professionals who do that type of work on a daily basis. When you consider all the extra hours you’ll spend trying to learn the process, it will likely save you money.
  6. Have a goal – Enjoy what you are doing. Sometimes we are so focused on getting things done, we forget to enjoy what we are doing. Your main goal should be to arrange your obligations in a way that makes you happy, even while you’re working.

I try to practice these daily at home as well as on my job and it really seems to be helping. I hope you find this list of suggestions beneficial!

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