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You’ve got to communicate!

Don't underestimate the value of communications and education as a way to strengthen your company's benefits package. A study by the Prudential Insurance Company looked at a number of variables that affected employees’ perceived value of their benefits, and the effectiveness of communications topped the list. The study found effective communications can have as much […]

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Communications Are Most Important Factor in Generating Satisfaction with Benefits

Effective communications can have as much impact on employees’ satisfaction with their benefits as the actual benefits offered or the amount of money a company puts into a benefits plan. This finding, from a study by the Prudential Insurance Company, illustrates one way for companies to contribute toward positive employee morale, even when economic factors […]

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“Off the charts!” – dramatic increase in employee satisfaction…

Our client gave total compensation statements to their employees for the first time in 7 years. Then they conducted their regular every-other-year employee survey. When they compared the results with the previous survey, they saw a significant increase in employee satisfaction with their benefits. In fact, they described the increase as “off the charts!” Our client […]

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