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The benefit statement can include specific information about an employee’s compensation and benefits such as: Base salary or regular earnings

myBenefitStatements – What we're all about!

We communicate with your employees the full value of their benefits and cash compensation through… Customization…for your company, using your logo, colors and images; Personalized…to each individual employee. Attractive design…which draws your employees’ eyes and attention to their statement—making them want to read it! Easy to understand format…striving for clear, concise communication. Employee communication…saturating your […]

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myBenefitStatements Means Service

Our goal is to surpass your expectations with dedication to prompt, accurate, and friendly service! BusinessPlans, Inc. (BPI) – myBenefitStatements is a dynamic organization committed to providing innovative solutions to your employee benefit statement needs. We offer a range of benefit statement services dedicated to a two-fold goal of delivering quality, cost-effective employee benefit statements […]

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“Off the charts!” – dramatic increase in employee satisfaction…

Our client gave total compensation statements to their employees for the first time in 7 years. Then they conducted their regular every-other-year employee survey. When they compared the results with the previous survey, they saw a significant increase in employee satisfaction with their benefits. In fact, they described the increase as “off the charts!” Our client […]

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9 Ways Benefit Statements Can Help

Strengthen your client relationships and build loyalty by providing employee benefit statements Employers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on benefits, but their employees aren’t grasping the value of these benefits. Total compensation statements show employees the full value of their compensation and can be a highly effective communication tool. Contact us today for […]

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Clearly Communicate with Employees

Over 50% of your workforce don’t understand all the benefits offered and the value of their total compensation (wages + benefits)! You can use benefit statements as a effective employee communication tool. Employee communication is critical. You can communicate the value of your benefits program through attractive and affordable benefit statements showing your employee the […]

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You Choose How to Utilize Our Services

Total compensation statements from myBenefitStatements are fully customizable for each of your client's unique needs. Treat your clients to benefit statements as a value-added feature. Provide myBenefitStatements services to your clients, sharing the cost or allowing them to pay our reasonable fees. Add your premium to our low-cost services for increased revenue for your company. […]

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Why Total Compensation Statements?

Do your clients’ employees have a total compensation statement in their hands so they can compare their benefits with the “better compensation” they believe is available elsewhere? Will their employees leave because of a slightly higher wage offered elsewhere, accepting an inferior benefits package because they don’t know the value of the benefits they already […]

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