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IRS Health Care Tax Credit Available for Small Businesses

The recent health care legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama contains a Small Business Health Care Tax Credit that will help small businesses with the cost of providing their employees with health care. The tax credit’s benefits are available immediately for the 2010 tax year. According to the Congressional Budget Office, small businesses […]

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Why You Should Work With myBenefitStatements!

At myBenefitStatements we know that you’re looking for an employee benefit statement supplier who will go farther than just creating statements and sending invoices. You want to establish a long-term relationship with a service provider that will help you improve your bottom line. You want a team of creative professionals who understand your industry, your […]

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Why Total Compensation Statements?

Do your clients’ employees have a total compensation statement in their hands so they can compare their benefits with the “better compensation” they believe is available elsewhere? Will their employees leave because of a slightly higher wage offered elsewhere, accepting an inferior benefits package because they don’t know the value of the benefits they already […]

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