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benefit statement is a personal summary of an employee’s benefits, including an estimate of the cost to provide those benefits

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Portfolio Format Employee Benefit Statements

Portfolio format total rewards or benefit statements statements are: Easy to read Fully customized Large format More area for charts and graphs Full-color Reinforce corporate identity Dimensions: 8.5” x 11” pages (unfolded 11” X 17”) Related posts: 6 Reasons – printed benefit statements are a great tool for your employees! Other Format Options Standard Format […]

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Benefit Statement Sample Statements

Want Employee Loyalty? Educate Them!

A recent Harris Interactive Study, commissioned by prominent disability insurance carrier Unum, found that employees who receive frequent and thorough education on their available benefits are also more likely to view their employer positively, and to feel that their employer values them. The survey establishes a positive correlation between employees’ understanding of their benefits and […]

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Do Your Employees Appreciate Their Benefits and Make the Correlation to Their Total Compensation?

Do Your Employees Appreciate Their Benefits and Make the Correlation to Their Total Compensation? It’s just a fact that employers, especially those in highly competitive industries, must have a striking benefits package to remain competitive in attracting and retaining the best employees. You probably spend a great deal of time and money providing your employees […]

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You’ve got to communicate!

Don't underestimate the value of communications and education as a way to strengthen your company's benefits package. A study by the Prudential Insurance Company looked at a number of variables that affected employees’ perceived value of their benefits, and the effectiveness of communications topped the list. The study found effective communications can have as much […]

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Health Plan Spending Control

Use Communications to Involve Employees in Health Plan Spending Control

Implementing cost-sharing increases or cutting benefits in an effort to bring health plan costs under control can be unpleasant tasks for employers, with concerns about how the news will impact employee productivity and morale. The better employees understand the reasons such plan changes are necessary, however, the lesser the chance that the changes will have […]

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Open Enrollment forms

Open enrollment forms are: Easy to read Two-sided Full-color Customized Dimensions Unfolded 8.5” X 11” or 8.5” x 14” Folding Options: No fold Bi-fold Tri-fold Related posts: Open Enrollment Forms Open Enrollment forms from myBenefitStatements make it easier for you! Other Format Options Standard Format Employee Benefit Statements

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9 Ways Benefit Statements Can Help

Strengthen your client relationships and build loyalty by providing employee benefit statements Employers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on benefits, but their employees aren’t grasping the value of these benefits. Total compensation statements show employees the full value of their compensation and can be a highly effective communication tool. Contact us today for […]

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How many employees did you replace last year?

According to HR professionals the cost of replacing an employee is conservatively estimated at 26.8% their annual salary. (It costs your company $8,040 to replace an employee earning $30,000!) –2005/2006 Employee Job Satisfaction and Retention Survey from Salary.com How many employees did you replace last year? You do the math and then compare the replacement […]

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Why You Should Work With myBenefitStatements!

At myBenefitStatements we know that you’re looking for an employee benefit statement supplier who will go farther than just creating statements and sending invoices. You want to establish a long-term relationship with a service provider that will help you improve your bottom line. You want a team of creative professionals who understand your industry, your […]

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