Sun Health Net – Sample Total Compensation Statement


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Portfolio – Benefit Statement Sample 5

 Total Compensation Statement – Portfolio Format

This sample total compensation statement is:

  • Colorful
  • Informative
  • Fully customizable


11″ x 17″ Bi-fold (Newsletter Style) or Multipage Booklet

About this total compensation statement:

Our Sun Health Net total compensation statement is a bright and engaging communication piece that focuses on retirement benefits. It is custom designed to reflect the company’s logo and brand colors. This statement also includes images to reinforce branding, with each of the company’s core values featured within them. The letter from leadership is designed to share a personal message of appreciation from the President and CEO of Sun Health Net.

When you open the total compensation statement, employees will find little known facts that promote the value of being employed by Sun Health Net, some statistics compare Sun Health Net’s benefits to other similar companies and some products and services that are available to each employee. This is a great way to increase participation in lesser known benefits, and to show employees that you value your relationship with them.

The total compensation table is easy to read, and the charts and graphs help make the data understandable for the employees. The pie charts also help employees visualize the contribution the employer-paid benefits make to their total compensation. Sun Health Net decided to show both employee and employer contributions to benefits, to give the employee a chance to see how much the employer is contributing compared to what they pay for each benefit, and to help clarify that some benefits are provided to the employees at no cost to them.

On the back page of Sun Health Net, employees will see a chart encouraging them to participate in Sun Health Net’s 401(k) program by showing how their savings could grow by maximizing Sun Health Net’s 401(k) match. The top chart promotes employee retention by showing how their pension amount could grow through the next 25 years with Sun Health Net.

myBenefitStatements would be pleased to work with you to create custom total compensation statements that will help you communicate to your employees the full value of their compensation!

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