Save Money with a Wellness Program

Save Money with a Wellness Program

These days employees seem to be under more stress than ever. With having to juggle homes, families, finances and careers, this stress is essentially taking its toll on Americans’ health and well-being.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels are all risk factors for chronic health problems which can worsen a person’s quality of life and will eventually affect their performance in all daily activities, including their jobs. This can cost companies big money in missed workdays, higher medical costs, and lower productivity.

In 2016, employee absenteeism ­– missing work because of sickness or injury – drained the U.S. economy of $2 billion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Many companies are initiating workplace wellness programs to address employees’ existing chronic health conditions and to head off future problems by helping their employees lead healthier lives. These programs include lifestyle management activities like gym memberships, yoga classes, weight loss programs, nutrition classes, smoking cessation programs, and nutrition classes, as well as programs to help people manage existing chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

In the long run, these wellness programs can actually help companies save money in healthcare costs and reduced absenteeism. Companies may also notice an increase in employee engagement and decreased turnover. These benefits for the employees can also spill out beyond the workplace into their homes and families which can really help boost overall morale and enthusiasm, creating a much happier, healthier atmosphere everywhere. And happy employees make for happy employers!

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