Total Compensation Statements: printed or digital?

Are you weighing your options? Here’s a look at our experience: Employees see high value in a full color heavy-weight paper statement they can hold in their hands.A printed statement provides an easy to read summary which the employee can readily show to family members.While most financial reports and billing statements are going online, a […]

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Sample of the Month: December 2020

Legal L – Club Adventure Outfitters Clean and categorized, our Club Adventure Outfitters sample statement allows for flexibility and maximum impact! Highlight important company features or culture with the bold callout boxes, and provide detailed descriptions for each category of benefits on the back. Each section has a bold, color-coded header and can be shown […]

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Business people having meeting in an office

Communicating with Employees-Best practices

The way you communicate with employees is often the difference between a great workplace and one that struggles. Decreased efficiency, unhappy employees and high turnover rates will most certainly follow communication breakdowns. Here are some tips that can transform your workplace into a well-oiled machine: 1.       Be genuine Don’t try to hide your differences or […]

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Total compensation and why you should care

Total Compensation: all of the resources available to employees, used by the employer to attract, motivate and retain employees.  Emphasizing everything your organization is offering your employees is a great way to attract, motivate and retain the best talent.  Most employees tend to underestimate the value of their benefits and perks.  You can change that […]

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Sample of the Month: October 2020

Letter B – Alpine Synergy One of our most popular letter-size samples, Alpine Synergy features a very clean, simplified layout that is easy for your employees to read and understand. This statement utilizes color-categorized benefits with a brief description, as well as an itemized benefits table to show employees the full value of the company’s […]

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Multl generation family in autumn park having fun

Why it is important to target information by age or generation.

As people live and work longer than ever before, organizations are now made up of employees from very different generations. Since each generation grew up in vastly different environments, the workforce is composed of wide-ranging value sets, communication styles and personal needs. This means that the intricacies of workplace communication – what we say and […]

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— Companies join forces to provide expanded benefit administration and communication services — Miamisburg, OH — July 6, 2020 — BusinessPlans, Inc., a trusted provider of  pre-tax benefits such as FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, and COBRA administration  announces its partnership with Navia Benefit Solutions, a nationwide consumer-directed benefits provider of health, life, and compliance solutions. The partnership […]

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