Making the Most of Your Millennial Employees

Making the Most of Your Millennial Employees

Millennials make up about 50% of today’s employees and are slowly taking over the workforce. Millennials are generally identified as those currently in their 20’s or early 30’s. Employers are beginning to ask themselves, how do we make the most of what some refer to as the “Entitlement Generation?”

Contrary to the impression of some who think Millennials are lazy, employers are finding they are full of energy, driven to learn, and hard workers. Gaining an understanding of their background can help employers appreciate Millennials and learn how to utilize their abilities.

As children, many Millennials experienced excessive praise, with parents hovering over them and giving them constant attention. They grew up influenced by a style of parenting that supported individual empowerment.

So, in order to attract and employ the skills and talents of a Millennial:

  1. Employers should make sure Millennials see a clear path to succeed. Give them tasks and assignments that offer opportunities to take responsibility. Allow them to sense they’re moving forward in their career.
  2. They are particularly interested in personal growth and development, not just higher pay. They want to know the employer’s expectations and the purpose they will serve within the organization.
  3. Remember, feedback is extra important. Coming from an “over-praising” background, Millennials received constant feedback. Whether positive or negative, they need evaluation and response in order to learn, grow and fulfill their purpose.
  4. Listen to their ideas and opinions – they are creative and have a different way of thinking. Welcoming their point of view will yield new avenues of innovation.
  5. Understand that even though Millennials come from a technological background – they are technology dependent. Most assume Millennials know everything about technology. The truth is they don’t. The technology used in their everyday lives is simple and easy to use. So, keeping technology easily accessible and up to date will enable Millennials to excel and get the job done.

Key: discover what’s important to the Millennial, not just how to get the most out of them. You will find they are committed to the job and motivated to do great work.

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