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What is a benefit statement?

Here's a definition for benefit statements

Benefit Statement, n. - A document showing an employee's total compensation, including all cash income and the value of all benefits; syn. - total compensation statement; hidden paycheck; employee benefit statement.

How do you use a total compensation and employee benefit statement?

Benefit Statements, also called total compensation or total reward statements are provided to employees to show them a true picture of the costs and value associated with their benefits. The total compensation statements statements are sometimes referred as “Hidden Paychecks” as employees often do not or have never seen the costs employers pay for benefits. Total Compensation and benefit statements can be designed to meet the needs of the employer and the employees that will receive the documents. Click here to see a sampling of the statement options available. myBenefitStatements is happy to design a total compensation or benefit statement customized for your employees! Give us a call at 800.865.4485 or complete a contact us form
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What is myBenefitStatements all about?

We develop communication tools to help you show your employees the full value of their benefits and cash compensation. We produce high quality, personalized total compensation and employee benefit statements for hundreds of employers and thousands of employees each and every year. myBenefitStatements is all about creating employee benefit statements that are:
  • Customized - using your logo, colors and images
  • Personalized - for each individual employee
  • Attractive - designs that draw your employees' eyes and attention to their statement - making them want to read it
  • Easy to understand - clear, concise and easy to follow format
  • Valuable - charts, graphs and images focus your employees' attention on key company strengths and clarify comparisons
  • Accurate - working with you to provide an accurate presentation of each employee's total compensation package
  • Timely - you set the target delivery date; we work together to meet it
We are committed to our clients - to be personable, responsive, and to earn your confidence as we work together producing your employee benefit statements and other communication materials."We appreciate your staff's attention to detail and willingness to customize the statements to meet our needs." - Director of Compensation in Dayton, OH

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“Once again, I’m impressed with the great customer service of your company!  Also, I appreciate the effort that goes into making sure all the receipts and documentation will [withstand] IRS scrutiny. Thanks!”

Participant manufacturing company

“Professional, knowledgeable staff, willing to do whatever we needed.  I appreciate their cooperation and speedy responses… It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

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“I like the statement; it provided a clear understanding of my total compensation. It’s the most valuable information I have ever received from the company.”

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“Our benefit statements specialist is responsive, timely, follows up when necessary and very professional.  I am pleased with his service.”

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“Based on internal feedback, providing benefit statements was indeed a strategic decision and will certainly help all level of employees put current compensation in a more enlightened perspective.”

Director of HR in Washington, DC

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