How long does it take to produce a total compensation statement?

Have you ever wondered what all goes into producing a total compensation statement? Our highly-trained project managers make it easy to create unique communications that emphasize the value of your benefits. Week by week, we’ll help guide you through all the steps to produce your project from kickoff to fulfillment.

Week 1 – Kickoff & Discovery

Your project manager will help you determine the goals of your project and guide you through the decisions needed to get started. During the kickoff call we’ll get an idea of how to design your statements, what benefits you want to highlight, and how to best communicate your message to employees.
After your call, your project manager will provide a follow-up email with your data template, verbiage to update, and next steps in the process.

Weeks 2 through 5 – Layout & Design

Based on your company branding and the information gathered during your kickoff call, your project manager will develop a custom layout for your statement. Once your draft is ready, you can provide feedback and make adjustments as necessary.
While your design is being finalized, you will be collecting all of the necessary data that will be shown on your statements.

Week 6 – Data Submission

Submit your data via our secure FTP site and we’ll begin reviewing and importing.

Weeks 7 through 10 – Audit & Testing

We’ll pull a randomized test group of employees based on the data provided, to give an example of the various scenarios you’ll see. This ensures that all data points are showing and any conditional text is operating correctly.
You’ll receive and review your test group(s) of employees and have the opportunity to make any necessary revisions to the data to ensure accuracy.

Week 11 – Final Approval & Quality Assurance

Once you’ve given final approval of the data and test group, your statements go under an internal peer review to ensure there are no additional questions or concerns.

Week 12 – Fullfillment

Your statements will be professionally printed in-house and mailed out to your office or employees’ home addresses. Your project manager will also provide you with all of your final documentation for your records.

90 Days after Completion – Sanitize & Archive

To ensure the security of your data, 90 days after the completion of your project we sanitize all data from your files and archive it for next year. The only data that is retained is the template that we created for you and the basic info from your test group – all identifying data including employee names, addresses, ID numbers, etc. is scrambled and scrubbed before archiving. That’s why it is important to download all of your final documentation at the completion of your project.

Get Started Now!

It is never too early to reach out to us to get started on a total compensation statement project! Contact us today to get quotes and begin planning your project timeline.

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