How can I increase employee engagement?

Video communication. Back view of a young man who communicates by video communication with his employees, he greets them waving his right hand. Distant communication. Work from home

Your employees have been working offsite most of this year, so viewing their level of engagement from a distance is challenging. Those working onsite are distracted by the complications of COVID-19. There’s minimal childcare availability; schools closed, opened, then closed again; social distancing requirements and protocols.

Meanwhile, business must go on—your products and services must be delivered with excellence. How can you assure your employees are truly engaged in these disruptive times?

Increase engagement by showing your employees their value to you and your organization.

Your organization’s benefits package evidences employees’ value – but are they fully aware of the benefits you provide? Do they know the dollar value of your organization’s investment in those benefits as a component of their total compensation?

An Employee Benefits Statement communicates employee value and enhances engagement:

  • Show your investment in employees’ health insurance. A pie chart comparing their portion of the premium with the portion your organization picks up, along with the actual annual dollar value can have huge impact.
  • Does your organization contribute to an HRA or HSA? Every dollar you contribute is money saved by your employees.
  • Are your employees taking full advantage of retirement matching funds? Show the dollar value available to them.
  • Many organizations provide additional benefits like tuition reimbursement, cell phone and auto reimbursement, service awards, etc.
  • Paid time off has a significant dollar value that should be communicated in your benefit statement.
  • Show lesser known benefits employees may not be aware of, for instance, disability insurance, basic life insurance, EAP, wellness programs and voluntary benefits that you make available.

Your employees know their paycheck, but are they aware of the extreme value in the benefits package you provide? When they grasp your investment in their current and future welfare, they engage!

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