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Portfolio – Benefit Statement Sample

 Employee Benefit Statement – Portfolio Format

This sample employee benefit statement is:

  • Informative
  • Well-organized
  • Fully customizable


11″ x 17″ Bi-fold (Newsletter Style) or Multipage Booklet

About this employee benefit statement:

Generic Financial Services outlines the benefits provided by the company and highlights the benefits that can help to provide income, health, wellness, career stability and protection. It is custom designed throughout to create a professional communication piece. The letter on the front from leadership is designed to show appreciation for the efforts of the employees at Generic Financial Services.

When you open the employee benefit statement to the inside, each benefit is featured seperately under attention-grabbing headers. Each benefit is associated with a cost to the employer, and under each heading are some notes about the specific benefit including: eligibility requirements, benefit options, programs and much more. Some sections contain a “Did you know?” or “Are you missing out?” box which draw attention to little known facts and benefits that will expand employees’ awareness of their benefits package.

Generic Financial Services chose to show only employer contributions to benefits, to truly keep the focus on the value of employer-provided benefits. The benefits are arranged in what we refer to as “buckets”, which are organized and easy to understand. This employee benefit statement features a stacked bar chart along the top which is color coded to help employees visualize each individual benefit’s value.

On the back page of Generic Financial Services is a total compensation summary that introduces the employee’s pay into the mix along with a more simplified stacked bar chart to show how much value all the benefits combined adds to their total compensation. Again, to help employees visualize the value of each benefit, a color coded pie chart is included under the summary which includes pay and each individual benefit.

myBenefitStatements would be pleased to work with you to create custom employee benefit statements that will help you communicate to your employees the full value of their compensation!

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