Four Suggestions for Better Employee Engagement

Four Suggestions for Better Employee Engagement

“If a person is looking forward to the weekend too much … they’re in the wrong job!” That was the response I received from a co-worker today (Friday) when I greeted her with, “are you looking forward to the weekend?” I’ve been working with employees for 20+ years and was a bit surprised by her insightful comment.

There are lots of contributors to increasing engagement. I’d like to share just 3 suggestions from my experience:

1.Find a good fit!

In the recruiting process, it’s worth it to take your time to find the right person for the job. An employee who feels well-fitted for their job enjoys what they are doing and tends to apply themselves to their work. What a personal joy it is to see your employees enjoying their work!

2. Communicate

Make employees feel they are in the inner circle of your organization. Keep them well-informed. Listen to and value their suggestions. If possible, put them into practice.

Express your appreciation for the value your employees bring to your organization. Show them how you are investing in them and their future in the form of compensation and employee benefits. A good tool is the employee benefit statement, sometimes referred to as “total rewards.”

3. Meaningful work

Do your employees readily embrace the value of their work? Do they regularly envision the end result – the benefit to society – of what they are doing? If not, engagement is illusive. They may need help seeing the meaning in some tasks. Show them why you’ve asked them to do what they’re doing – the purpose in it all.

4. Be honest

Foster an atmosphere of non-defensive, vulnerable openness by being transparent yourself. If we don’t begin with honesty with ourselves and with others, we have nothing to build on. If an employee is faking it, just how engaged are they, really? An air of sincerity in your office goes a long way towards operating as a team and pulling your members into the circle.


You bet I’m looking forward to the weekend …but I’m also looking forward to Monday morning!

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