Employee Benefit Statements – Helping to Make Every Employee a Positive PR Rep

Make Every Employee a Positive Public Relations Representative

Employee attitudes and opinions revolve primarily around four pillars: communication, culture, compensation and commitment. While these four pillars work together to shape the attitudes and opinions of employees, communication by itself can have a profound influence on employee perceptions of culture and compensation and ultimately decide one’s level of commitment to the company.employee benefit statement public relations smilley face

Effective internal communication builds productivity and satisfaction by sorting through fact and fiction. If companies do not effectively communicate employee benefits and rewards systems, employees are going to use what bits and pieces they do know to form what is likely to be a false perception. This is not something you want since every single employee is a public relations (PR) rep for the organization.

One of the best ways to help increase knowledge of cultural values and total compensation, and ultimately increase employee commitment, is through employee benefit statements. Since personnel policies and rewards systems often reflect culture values, employee perceptions of benefits packages and their understanding of the real costs of coverage greatly influence how an employee views the entire organization. Benefit statements allow you to communicate and effectively market your values and total compensation package to your employees by showing them the actual cost of their benefits and providing them a true picture of their value to the company. In addition, you will have a more accurately informed workforce and a more positive PR staff.

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