Employee Benefit Statement Samples: May 2022

Tech Ohio 2022

Big, bold graphics and illustrative charts are one of the biggest features of our new Tech Ohio employee benefit statement. If you want to really help employees visualize their benefit statement package, this sample is a great starting point.

The front of the statement allows space for an image or illustration, as well as a short letter from company leadership to thank employees for their service, explain their benefits, and encourage community within your team.

The inside spread of the statement is where this sample truly shines! Outline all of the details of your benefit package in the table along the left. The benefit table includes both employer-paid and employee benefit contributions. A variety of large charts provide an illustrative look at the distribution of employee benefits. Pie charts show distribution of benefits in various categories, comparison of pay to benefits, and a highlight of PTO hours.

The back of the statement allows for a short description of benefits your company offers, and can direct employees to other resources for additional information.

With lots of flexibility, this statement is easily converted to fit your company branding and compensation package to that clearly show employees value in their benefits.

Employee Benefit Statement Features:

  • Itemized benefits table
  • Benefit Breakdown pie chart
  • Compensation Comparison pie chart
  • Benefit descriptions
  • Highlights both company and employee benefit contributions

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