Employee Benefit Statements Work!




  • Employee loyalty is at a 7 year low. Less than half of all employees feel a strong sense of loyalty to their employer.
  • 1 in 3 employees would like to work for a different employer and for Generation Y employees, 1 in 2 would like to work for a different employer.
  • 50% of employees are counting on their employer to help them achieve financial security through employee benefits.*

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For only pennies on the dollar, myBenefitStatements can create personalized employee benefit statements that help to improve employee morale, productivity motivation and retention – resulting in more profits for your company!

  • Show each employee a picture of their total compensation    
  • Speak to each employee with personalized communications
  • Reinforce employees’ value to the company

No other tool in your HR toolkit costs so little and does so much!

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*MetLife’s 10th annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends.