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Offering your clients customized benefit statements through myBenefitStatements will help your clients educate their employees to the true cost they’re paying for fringe benefits.

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Introducing Open Enrollment Forms

You know myBenefitStatements for creating high quality, easy to read, total compensation statements. Now we have created easy to follow benefits enrollment forms for your next open enrollment period.  Recent studies show that many employees are confused or frustrated while selecting their benefits (Employee Benefit News, April 1, 2009, p. 17). In some cases self-service […]

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Total Compensation Statements Increase Awareness of Benefits

To assess the value of total compensation statements – employee benefit statements, myBenefitStatements partnered with a Pennsylvania based government entity to conduct a survey of 1,909 employees. The survey posed a number of questions about their benefits and compensation before and after receiving employee benefit statements. What were the results? Respondents were asked to identify all […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Choose myBenefitStatements

Everyone loves lists, here’s ours: Fully customized for your organization Unique, high impact charts & graphs Attention-grabbing designs Direct mail to home addresses Affordable; NO set up fees! Always full-color printing Fast turnaround Proven, professional service Pre-delivery customized communications available Over 40 combined years of experience on our team There are an endless number of […]

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Educate Employees About Health Care Plans Through Employee Benefit Statements

The jargon used to describe employee benefits can be confusing. A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute found that less than 1 in 5 participants in a high deductible health plan (HDHP) understand that preventative office visits are exempt from their deductible. Only 1 in 10 understand preventative tests also are exempt from their […]

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Having talent retention issues?

If you’re looking for ways to attract new talent or reduce turnover, employee benefit statements may be a good option for you. Would you like to: Improve employee morale Attract new employees Reduce employee turnover Communicate total compensation to your employees Retain the best employees (employee retention) Provide additional benefits at low cost to your […]

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State of the Art Printing Technology for Your Employee Benefit Statements Projects

Communicating the value of employees’ benefits is mission one – creating a high-quality, great looking communications is embedded in that mission. If your organization has recognized the importance of communicating the value of the benefits you provide employees, don’t let the message fade into the stack of other “important” information they get every day. To […]

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less than 5 out of every 100 dollars ends up in retirement savings

“Two-thirds of middle-income Americans are saving less than 5% of their annual incomes for retirement.”

A study conducted by LIMRA surveyed American financial decision-makers earning between $40,000 and $99,999. The survey found that nearly a quarter of middle-income Americans are saving nothing at all for their retirement; workers age 55 and up being the worst offenders with 26% saving nothing at all. American workers know they need to get on […]

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Benefit Statement Sample Statements

Want Employee Loyalty? Educate Them!

A recent Harris Interactive Study, commissioned by prominent disability insurance carrier Unum, found that employees who receive frequent and thorough education on their available benefits are also more likely to view their employer positively, and to feel that their employer values them. The survey establishes a positive correlation between employees’ understanding of their benefits and […]

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Employees Value Workplace Benefits More Than Employers Realize

Employee benefits long have served as a recruitment, retention and loyalty-building tool for the companies that offer them. However, even as employers make benefits programs available to employees, research indicates that they underestimate how very valuable these programs can be, both for employees' well-being and as a means to solidify the company-employee bond during tough […]

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