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Communications Are Most Important Factor in Generating Satisfaction with Benefits

Effective communications can have as much impact on employees’ satisfaction with their benefits as the actual benefits offered or the amount of money a company puts into a benefits plan. This finding, from a study by the Prudential Insurance Company, illustrates one way for companies to contribute toward positive employee morale, even when economic factors […]

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Health Plan Spending Control

Use Communications to Involve Employees in Health Plan Spending Control

Implementing cost-sharing increases or cutting benefits in an effort to bring health plan costs under control can be unpleasant tasks for employers, with concerns about how the news will impact employee productivity and morale. The better employees understand the reasons such plan changes are necessary, however, the lesser the chance that the changes will have […]

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Perceived Value of Benefits Is More Crucial Than You Know

In the U.S. today, employee benefits constitute a significant portion of an employee's total compensation. Although past studies revealed that many employees did not fully understand the value of their benefits packages, a 2008 MetLife Employee Benefits Survey showed that more workers are paying extra attention to the value of benefits. The study revealed an […]

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