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Benefits Matter: Five reasons you should provide personalized benefit statements for your employees

Benefits Matter: FIVE reasons you should provide personalized benefit statements for your employees According to the Aflac WorkForces Report, 79% of workers say they would be less likely to leave their job if they had a well-communicated benefits program. By teaming up with myBenefitStatements, employers are better able to communicate the big picture of their […]

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Realities of Workers Nearing Retirement Age

According to a 2013 survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, researchers say that the current generation reaching retirement was told that retirement would be wildly rewarding. They believed they would only have to work until age 65, retire happy and live in financial comfort. However, the reality of shortfalls in financial planning has them […]

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IRS Announces More Generous Retirement Contribution Limits for 2015

When building a total compensation statement or benefit statement, it’s important to include annual retirement contribution limits. Not only does it help employees understand their options, it can also serve as a reminder of available retirement plan options and changes. These days, it’s pretty rare that taxpayers get a break. But they’re getting one for […]

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Prepare employees to take control of their health and wellness by communicating

According to a recent study, 47% of employers say they probably or definitely will switch to a defined contribution type of health care plan. Although the majority of employees don’t want to take more responsibility for their medical insurance, the research shows it seems to be trending in that direction. A lot of workers are relying […]

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Open Enrollment forms from myBenefitStatements make it easier for you!

You have come to know myBenefitStatements for creating high quality – easy to read – total compensation statements.  Using these same ideas, we have created straightforward, easy to complete benefits enrollment forms for your clients’ next open enrollment period.  In a recent study, employers ranked effective communications during open enrollment as their number one challenge, […]

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Introducing Open Enrollment Forms

You know myBenefitStatements for creating high quality, easy to read, total compensation statements. Now we have created easy to follow benefits enrollment forms for your next open enrollment period.  Recent studies show that many employees are confused or frustrated while selecting their benefits (Employee Benefit News, April 1, 2009, p. 17). In some cases self-service […]

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Total Compensation Statements Increase Awareness of Benefits

To assess the value of total compensation statements – employee benefit statements, myBenefitStatements partnered with a Pennsylvania based government entity to conduct a survey of 1,909 employees. The survey posed a number of questions about their benefits and compensation before and after receiving employee benefit statements. What were the results? Respondents were asked to identify all […]

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Educate Employees About Health Care Plans Through Employee Benefit Statements

The jargon used to describe employee benefits can be confusing. A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute found that less than 1 in 5 participants in a high deductible health plan (HDHP) understand that preventative office visits are exempt from their deductible. Only 1 in 10 understand preventative tests also are exempt from their […]

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Employee Benefit Statements – Helping to Make Every Employee a Positive PR Rep

Make Every Employee a Positive Public Relations Representative Employee attitudes and opinions revolve primarily around four pillars: communication, culture, compensation and commitment. While these four pillars work together to shape the attitudes and opinions of employees, communication by itself can have a profound influence on employee perceptions of culture and compensation and ultimately decide one’s […]

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