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Employee Benefit Statement Samples: November 2021

Letter C – Medical Center Pack a lot of punch into your statements with this layout! Our Medical Center sample allows for a stacked bar chart comparing earnings to benefits and a full table of benefits showing both employee and employer contributions. An additional pie chart shows the comparison of earnings, PTO, and benefits. Another […]

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How to produce a benefit statement in 5 easy steps

Help your employees appreciate the value of their benefits. An employee’s compensation goes above and beyond the value of their regular paycheck. Total compensation statements are a summary of an employee’s pay and benefit elections. It’s intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the cost of benefits paid for by the company. But how do […]

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Employee Benefit Statement Samples: October 2021

Legal M – WellCheck Clinic Simple and elegant, the WellCheck Clinic benefit statement samples utilize an organized grid of benefits to emphasize value. Each color-coded block features a short description of the company’s benefit offerings, as well as the total company contribution to the employee’s benefits. In addition, there is also an itemized table of […]

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When is the best time to provide total compensation statements to employees?

The best timing for employee benefit statements (total rewards, or total compensation statements) is a frequently asked question. The answer is: anytime. But there is a caveat, so let’s dig a little deeper. Many of our clients like to present employee benefit statements in the first quarter of each year, reflecting the past calendar year’s […]

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Employee Benefit Statement Samples: September 2021

Letter F – Adventure Athletics In some cases, you may choose to show an employee benefit statement without any earnings. If your strategy is to highlight benefits, our Adventure Athletics sample does just that! Each benefit can be listed in the table, itemized and color-coded to show each category. Each benefit category can also feature […]

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How to retain top-notch employees

As our country enters recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market becomes more fluid. The economy rebounds, and your best employees begin gazing at the developing job opportunities. Be proactive – show your employees the advantages in working for your company! During the past year many employers skipped providing total rewards statements to their […]

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How much are you really investing in your employees?

Make your employee benefits investment count! 30-40%Employers: your employees are primarily focused on their paycheck;are they aware of your investment in their benefits At least 30% of the investment made by an employer into the total compensation of each employee goes towards employee benefits.$3,000 or more of every $10,000 of employee compensation is spent on […]

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