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What data should you include in a benefit statement?

An employee’s total compensation goes far above just the value of their regular paycheck and incorporates some items employees rarely consider. To offer a Total Compensation Statement to employees, both direct and indirect compensation totals should be compiled. Direct compensation refers to compensation paid directly to an employee, such as the employee’s salary, bonuses, or […]

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Employee Benefit Statement best practices

What are some things to consider when deploying employee benefit statements in your war against employee indifference and lack of knowledge? Employees like visualization, so use charts and graphs liberally. Did you know that color content is 39% more memorable than black and white? Consider at least two methods for distributing the statement. In person […]

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Employee Benefit Statement Samples: October 2021

Legal M – WellCheck Clinic Simple and elegant, the WellCheck Clinic benefit statement samples utilize an organized grid of benefits to emphasize value. Each color-coded block features a short description of the company’s benefit offerings, as well as the total company contribution to the employee’s benefits. In addition, there is also an itemized table of […]

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Employee Benefit Statement Samples: September 2021

Letter F – Adventure Athletics In some cases, you may choose to show an employee benefit statement without any earnings. If your strategy is to highlight benefits, our Adventure Athletics sample does just that! Each benefit can be listed in the table, itemized and color-coded to show each category. Each benefit category can also feature […]

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