Alpine Synergy-Sample Employee Benefit Statement

Booklet T – Alpine Synergy

 Employee Benefit Statement – Portfolio Format

This sample employee benefit statement is:

  • Simplified
  • Easy to read
  • Fully customizable


11″ x 17″ Bi-fold (Newsletter Style) or Multipage Booklet

About this sample employee benefit statement:

Alpine Synergy is a simple yet informative employee benefit statement that focuses on wellness and retirement benefits. This statement is custom designed all the way through to reflect Alpine Synergy’s logo and colors featuring an eye-catching front cover. The letter from leadership is designed to encourage employees to study the employee benefit statement carefully, and to express appreciation to employees for their hard work.

On the inside of Alpine Synergy’s employee benefit statement, the total compensation table is broken into segments to make the data easier to read and understand. Alpine Synergy chose to show both employee and employer contributions to benefits. The pie charts break down how much Alpine Synergy is investing in each employee’s benefits, as well as the percentage of total compensation attributed to their benefits. Alpine Synergy chose to feature their new wellness program on this year’s employee benefit statements to increase awareness of the program.

Alpine Synergy shows employees an annualized point-in-time snapshot of their total compensation, meaning it is an estimate based on current benefit elections and employment status. We recommend an annualized approach versus a look back to the previous year because:

  • It captures increases in pay and benefits which occurred over the past year.
  • We can do many of the necessary calculations.
  • It’s a look forward rather than a look back.

On the back page of Alpine Synergy’s benefit statement is a straightforward 401(k) chart designed to encourage participation in the 401(k) plan by showing how much money could potentially be contributed to employees’ 401(k) accounts if they contribute at the maximum match level for the entire year.

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