6 Reasons – printed benefit statements are a great tool for your employees!

Partnering with BusinessPlans, Inc. (BPI) – myBenefitStatements provides you with a customized employee benefits statement or total reward program that helps you communicate the value of your company’s benefits attractively and affordably.

While much has been made about the efficiencies of the internet, few things capture the attention of employees as does a letter or booklet delivered to their mail box.

Here are six reasons that printed total compensation statements are a great tool –  green-check-mark

  1. Printed employee benefit statements are simple to use and easy to understand for all employees.
  2. Employees see high value in a full color heavy-weight paper statement they can hold in their hands.
  3. A hard copy statement arriving in the mail makes a unique and significant impact.
  4. A printed statement provides an easy to read summary the employee can readily show to family members.
  5. A quality full color statement is likely to be viewed more than once. Many employees save their statements from year to year.
  6. Printed total compensation statements provide an increased level of confidentiality as each is delivered via the mail service or in person to the employee in a security envelope.

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