5 Tips to Improve Your Corporate Culture

In this article I will show you an inside look at the best corporate cultures and then show you how to improve your company culture.

Day in and day out here, I get to see a lot of company cultures from an inside perspective, and let me tell you I’ve seen some great ones.

It’s interesting because I’ve noticed over time that the BEST companies always seem to have the SAME things in common!

The Benefits of Improving Corporate Culture

  • Attract top talent
  • Retain more employees
  • Create a sense of loyalty
  • Strengthens your brand


So, what are the best companies doing? The ones doing so well are strongly promoting the same core principles, regardless of the way they’re employing them.

Below I’ve listed the 5 most common principles the best businesses use to improve their company culture.

1. Make employees feel valued

There aren’t many employees I’ve seen who worked for A+ company that seemed unmotivated and under-valued. They may have a lot on their plate but in fact they seemed highly motivated and appreciated.

Don’t criticize your employees when they screw up. Instead, be lavish in your praise and actively recognize them for the good work they do.

2. Create lots of incentive

This is a BIG one.

Incentive creates competition. And competition creates production. The best companies make employees WANT to be productive by offering them great opportunities.

As an employee myself I know how motivating it can be when my employer shows me great opportunities for advancement. Create a culture for your employees that really offers them things they want, like opportunities to better their career and make more money.

The best companies actively CREATE opportunities for the betterment of their employees. It’s built into their culture.

3. Promote wellness

Healthy employees are happier and more productive, period. And when you offer a great wellness program it shows your employees you care about them.

You may know from experience how stressful managing your own health can be and it takes a lot of that stress off when you know your employer is also concerned with your well-being.

4. Create a good work/life balance

Let’s face it, a lot of employees enjoy their time away from work, even if they are in love with their job. I love my job as much as anyone but I really need time away from work to recover and get away from work for a while.

5. Offer a comfortable work-space

This one might be overlooked by some employers, but when you have to be at your job 8+ hours a day you want to be comfortable. And when you’re comfortable you tend to be more creative, healthier and more productive.

I know when I come in to work there are certain things that I really appreciate. Things like comfortable chairs, nice equipment, and areas to ‘get away’ help me to feel good about my job situation.



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